About us


Welcome to the website of AIRSOUND INC.

AIRSOUND INC. was established in 2014 based on the Ancient Philosophy & Cutting Edge Technology.
We research Customers’ Social Life & Business and their Problems. We solve the Problems for Customers’ Better Life by our Products and Services.

MYPINPLUS, Enhancing the sound quality.

Nowdays, anyone can shoot and edit, and share their videos with everyone. And with better sound quality, your content (Daily vids/Vlogs/Lectures/Live Broadcasts) will be able to take a step towards perfection.

Tkita, Breaking the language barrier.

You can solve the difficulties of communicating in a foreign language.
Furthermore, you can interact with more people around the world in various languages.

By providing an AI translation service based on innovative HW/SW technologies, everyone around the world can communicate freely with anyone without encountering various barriers related to as language/location/etc.

Thank you.