Purchase / Use Inquiry

You can purchase it from VCland,

and you can find it by searching “MYPINPLUS”  or “MYPIN microphone” on the internet search window.

Currently, available products are composed of 2 types, Basic pack & Pro pack.

Basic pack is a basic package consisting of wireless transceiver, audio cables, charging cables and external microphone.


Pro pack is a package that includes accessories and storage pouch for smartphone shooting in Basic pack.

That’s not true. It can be used by connecting the external microphone of other products as well as the microphones included in the package.
However, depending on the performance of the external microphone, the sound quality that is recorded may vary.

It’s available. You can connect your smartphone to the receiver with a 4-pole cable.
In case of iPhone 7 or later, there is no 3.5 mm jack, so a separate lightning conversion cable is required.

If you have lost your account, please send us the serial number of your registered device through the Contact us,
and we will inform you of the account by the email address you entered.
If you have forgotten your password, enter the account in the app input window and click <Find Password>,
and a temporary password will be issued to your account mail.
After logging in with your temporary password, you can change your password in Settings.

Product Fault Inquiry

If you have a problem with the product, please first check that the symptom of the product is as follows.
If the symptom does not apply to you or if you can not solve the problem through the solution,
you can get A/S through the place where you bought the product.

When using the product, noise may be recorded significantly when the position of the microphone and the mouth is too close or the volume of the receiver is set large.
You can reduce noise by adjusting the position of the microphone of adjusting the volume level to an appropriate value.
The volume level is 15 levels in total, and it is recommended to use 7 ~ 10 levels.

View Volume Control Guide Video 》

If the power button of the product is pressed for a long time, the pairing setting that is set automatically can be canceled.
In this case, you can use the product normally by initializing the pairing.
You can find how to reset your pairing via the link below.

View Pairing Initialization Guide Video 》

These symptoms may occur when the product is completely discharged.
It is recommended that you charge it for about 3 hours and then power it up.